Here are websites of interest to gay conservatives. Inclusion on this page does not imply unqualified agreement or endorsement. For example, Libertarian sites are included, because there is sufficient common ground to merit it.


Homocon Organizations

Log Cabin Republicans
Gay Republicans.


The Rattigan Society
Gay Objectivists.

SOLO: Sense Of Life Objectivists
Gay Objectivists.

Outright Libertarians
Gay Libertarians.

Republican Liberty Caucus
For gay and gay-friendly Republicans.


Homocon Columnists & Forums

Steve Yuhas
'From one entertainment reporter, "At first listen, Steve Yuhas sounds like just about any other right-wing talk-show host on the dial... His guests include the usual array of newsmakers and gadflies, and his running commentary is sprinkled with nasty zingers about liberals and Democrats. He buddies around with like-minded colleagues. And his arch-conservative opinions are reliably predictable." It is not exactly that simple for this Jewish disabled former military man who happens also to be gay.'

Tammy Bruce
"Tammy Bruce is an openly gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Reagan progressive feminist."

Liberty Education Forum
"The mission of the Liberty Education Forum is to work toward achieving individual freedom and fairness for gay Americans by applying the principles of individual rights, individual responsibilities, free markets and limited government."

Independent Gay Forum
Forum for gays who believe in personal liberty and personal responsibility.


Homocon Blogs

Lavender But Not Pink
The blog of the webmistress of

Ingrid Barnes
If you think being a gay conservative female is difficult, try being black too. Ms. Barnes, Vice-President of the Hudson Valley chapter of Log Cabin Republicans, has the courage to do exactly that. My hat's off to her.

Norah Vincent
One of the earliest homocon bloggers.

Gay Patriot
"Blogcasting from the worldwide headquarters of the not-so-vast gay right wing conspiracy. Representing the million gay and lesbian Americans supporting President Bush. Standing up for freedom, fairness, free speech, privacy and true American values."

Nooz and Comments
Webblog of Log Cabin Republican Eva Young.

Gay And Right
Gay, conservative, pro-Israel Canadian.

North Dallas Thirty
Blog of a gay conservative Texan. What's not to like?

Queer Conservative
"I realized then that I had another closet to come out of - the conservative one. I've lost more friends since opening that closet door than I ever did by coming out as gay."

That Gay Conservative
"Just a regular 32 y/o guy living in Lakeland, FL. Gay and Conservative. Tired of the Neo-Socialist liberal left and their lapdog bitches in the MSM."

My Stupid Dog
"Miscellaneous culture and politics (but mostly culture) from a Gay, conservative ex-grad student and former writing teacher living between careers in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia."

"Alphecca is an occasional blog of opinions by a politically independent, libertarian, gay gun nut in Vermont. I opine about all sorts of stuff I know nothing about..." Described by The Guardian as a member of "the lunatic fringe of the US right".


Homocon Websites

GLBT Right Wing Conspiracy Journal
LiveJournal community for our kind.

Pink Pistols
Armed gays don't get bashed. We're here, we're queer, and we have guns.

Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.


Homocon Articles and Essays

A gay Republican talks about trade
Rep. Jim Kolbe says he's not the GOP's prime-time poster boy for tolerance. He wants to tell you about NAFTA.

Good Faith Breeds Bad Cops
Article by gay conservative Robert Bauman.

Objectivism and Homosexuality
Series of essays by Chris Sciabarra, author of Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical.

Column from gay-friendly conservative Steve Chapman.
Is gay marriage a threat to marriage?

Pride Before a Fall
by David Horowitz, urging tolerance for homosexuals.

The West Wingís Special Guest Star
"PlanetOut speaks with the out actor who played a gay congressman backing a homophobic bill on one of TVís best ó and most gay-friendly ó dramas."

In Defense of Gay Conservatives

"The lonely world of a bisexual Republican."

Matlovich, Leonard P., Jr. (1943-1988)
This gay man challenged the Air Force's ban on gays in the military and attempted to launch a gay conservative organization in Washington.

A Red Mind in a Blue State on Gay Unions

Karl Rove and the Gay Republican Mafia
Courtesy of Conspiracy Planet. My only complaint is, they didn't tell me how I could join!


Homocon Mailing Lists

"This Group is for gays and lesbians with opinions to the right of center to meet and discuss politics, both specifically related to gay issues such as marriage/civil unions, etc., as well as all other political issues."

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"This is an international yahoo group for gays in conservative political parties throughout the World."

Subscribe to Gay-Conservatives
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List for female Log Cabin Republicans.

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Slightly Right Gay Network
"Okay, here's a new kind of list - somewhat conservative gay folk! We welcome all - but DO NOT WELCOME ADULT ADVERTISING, etc. If that's what you want, go elsewhere. We just aim to chat about life outside the Gay Borg of liberalism."

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Homocon Products


Unfortunately, it seems these shirts have been discontinued, but at least you can all get a look at them here.

A couple of years ago, when I did an ebay search on "gay Republican", all I got was a few copies of Party Crasher. Now, however, that search brings up these buttons:

This is, in fact, a good sign: apparently now we're enough of a force that we're worth the bother of attacking.